JoAnn chose to use the name Marion Morgane, 15th Century Scotland Lowlands, and she came from a family of merchants.


A List of Feminine Personal Names Found in Scottish Records Part Three: Post-1400 Names by Talan Gwynek (Brian M. Scott for the Academy of Saint Gabriel) has:

in 1471


Reaney and Wilson states (citing Black: Surnames of Scotland) on page 314 s.n. Morgan a dated 1419

JoAnn was interested in:

1. Scotland
2. England
3. Italy

JoAnn was also interested in the mid to late Middle Ages between 14th and 16th Centuries.

She was new to the SCA so I didn’t push her into to making quick and fast decisions. I wanted her to enjoy her time in the SCA which meant I insisted on her taking the time to explore as much as she could before making any decisions.

The Scotland Lowlands includes:


• Ayrshire
• Borders
• Central
• Clyde Valley
• Dumfries
• Dumfries and Galloway
• Dundee
• Edinburgh
• Fife
• Glasgow
• Lothians