Birthdate: 10/1935


  • Society for Creative Anachronism
  • American Diabetes Association

Graduated from Happy Valley High School.
Graduated from East Tennessee State College.

She was divorced but had two children (myself and my brother).

She was manager of Francis Motor Sales & Francis Grocery, a Notary Public, and she rescued animals.

Her interests included:

  • Animals: ALL especially Birds, Cats, Chickens, Deer, Dogs, Ducks, Rabbits, Squirrels, Turtles, Wolves
  • Collector of Coins, Figurines, Rocks, Stamps
  • Cooking: Southern Foods, Various Candies and Sweets
  • Gardening: Flowers, Fruits, Herbs, Vegetables
  • Genealogy
  • Movies & TV: ABC Soaps, Columbo, Dark Shadows, Dr. Phil, Gunsmoke, Judge Judy, Keeping Up Appearances, Lexx, Medium, The Lost World, West Wing
  • Reading: All fiction and some non-fiction especially Fantasy, Historical, Romance, Science Fiction
  • Sewing